When you are finished with your braces/clear aligner treatment, we will begin the retention stage. The retention stage appointments last for a minimum of 12 months, but retainers are a lifetime routine.

Bonded Lingual Retainers

bonded-lingualAlso known as bond lings, are wires that are cemented directly to the inside surface of your teeth, commonly of your upper four front teeth and lower six front teeth. This is one of the best ways to prevent your teeth from shifting as it is bonded to your teeth. Patients with bonded retainers must still be careful as the bonding material may break. In the event that happens patients are advised to wear their night time retainers full time (taking out when eating and brushing) until able to schedule a repair appointment.

Essix / Clear Retainers

essexThe Essix retainer is our most common type of night time retention. These removable retainers are transparent, similar to Invisalign tray, that fit over the entire arch of the teeth. Essix retainers can also be used to minimal tooth movement and bridges.

Hawley Retainers

hawleyThe hawley retainer is a removable retainer made of a combination of acrylic and metal wires. This retainer is used for day/night time wear.

Dr. Joseph Karam

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